We created ModCabs because we believe there should be an easy, affordable way to get modern style cabinets into the hands of people who love modern design.

Until now, the only real sources for modern cabinets in the US have been IKEA or high end European or custom.

We merged the ease of ordering (IKEA) with better quality (European & custom) components to offer the best of both worlds at a reasonable price.

What? (notes on what makes ModCabs different)

ModCabs combine 3/4” thick, full panel robust box construction, top tier European soft close hardware, and tasteful finish options into a no-nonsense, a la carte menu.

Our cabinets are modular, using the most common sizes and configurations from years of field experience. Here are a few reasons why we went modular:

  • to maximize cost effectiveness
  • because keeping things the same size makes them practical and easy to update
  • it reduces material and labor waste

How? (notes on ordering, assembly & installation)

Ordering is straightforward, so if you're ready to roll, you can load your cart with the cabinets you want, checkout, and be on your way.

If you're a busy builder or designer and would like us to quote a completed design for you, we're happy to help, just contact us.

To further keep cost down, orders ship flat packed & RTA (ready to assemble) so we can pass savings along to you.

Oh, and we designed ModCabs with fewer components than IKEA per box, so don’t let the RTA aspect give you pause.

Where? (notes on delivery)

We ship anywhere in the lower 48 US states by freight - that means 18 wheels - to loading dock or accessible curbside.

Local dock and fork equipped warehouses are the easiest receiving solution!

With a warehouse, cabinets can be assembled and stored in a secured, enclosed environment until your jobsite is ready for cabinet installation.


The creators of ModCabs are seasoned professional designers, fabricators, and installers who have worked together for decades, making incremental improvements to the cabinet system we have today.

Our natural habitat is under our rocks, happy to let the product speak for itself.