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What cabinet sizes/dimensions are available?

Can you do custom sized cabinets?

Can I get finished end panels for exposed sides of cabinets?

Which cabinets can I get Aluminum frame / Frosted Glass doors with?

What functional hardware options are available?

What decorative (pull) hardware options are available?

Can I have different finishes on cabinets in the same order?

What are leveling legs?

What do the dashed lines on the cabinet diagrams mean?

Can I order doors and drawer fronts only?

Can I order cabinets without doors and drawer fronts? Would I still get hinges and drawer guides?

What material are the cabinet boxes made of?

Do I specify which side I want the hinge on for cabinet doors? What about blind corner cabinets?


Can I order cabinets myself if I know what I want?

I'm a builder/developer. How can I get a quote on cabinets for my project?

Do you offer trade or wholesale accounts?

Do you offer any discounts on high volume orders?

Why do you charge for shipping?


What’s the average order lead time?

How is a ModCabs order delivered?

Can I have my order shipped to a warehouse?

Can you ship my unfinished MDF fronts & panels to my finishing shop?

What do I do if my pallet and components are damaged?

Where should I put my delivery before I can assemble and install it?

Do I have to meet the delivery truck?

Assembly and Installation

Does ModCabs offer assembly and installation services?

Do ModCabs have to be assembled? Are there assembly instructions?

Can I install ModCabs outside?

There are unlabeled pieces on my pallet! Is this normal? What do I do with them?

I hired assembly services at my warehouse. Are there any tips on that?


Does ModCabs offer design services?

What is the best format for a design file?

What's the 3" module rule?


Why ModCabs?

What are the benefits of frameless cabinets?

Where are ModCabs made?

Do ModCabs have a warranty?